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We now offer 3 types of Face Mask Frame-Fitters for your added protective use. Click the button below to purchase your order today. For step by step instruction click See Instructions.

Due to the custom nature of the Mask Fitter Frames

**All sales are non-refundable**

About Us

What is KDT pros?

We are the micro site directly affiliated with Kainos Dental Technologies, LLC of Walnut Creek, CA.

We provide a secure e-commerce shopping environment for the sole purpose of providing selected PPEs that have been tested and supported to improve and increase barrier protection of common safety measures. 

For over 20+ years and counting we pride ourselves on our talented and first ever Digital Ceramist Technicians,we are considered as a  full service dental lab with a nimble infrastructure.


We invite you to view our current site at: www.kainosdental.com for more information. Click the button below

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