Instructions for Ordering

Face Mask Frame/Fitter

  1. Purchase your product of choice. Standard, Bridge-Premium, Tall. 
  2. A unique order code will be provided after purchase is complete via your email.
  3. Download the Bellus 3D app from the AppStore (iPhone 10, 11, iPad Pro only).
  4. Open app Bellus 3D “face app” select, “face mask fitter” and scan your face as per instructions. 
  5. There will be three options after face scan — Info, 3D print, & Export buttons.
  6. Select “3D” button. 
  7. Enter your unique order code when prompted.
  8. You will not be charged for using the app.
  9. Do not enter symbols or dashes  i.e. # –
  10. Enter your email address and your order is complete.